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Computer Memory Upgrade

Upgrading your memory is typically the easiest and least expensive way to upgrade your computer for a significant boost in performance. The computer's RAM memory is its workspace, or where all of the instructions it needs to act on are stored temporarily. A computer with more RAM can work more efficiently because it does not need to retrieve information from the hard disk drive as often. A memory upgrade is particularly helpful for users who work with large files, have more than one program open at one time, or use memory-intensive applications such as games or graphics and video editing software.The more processing you require your computer to perform, however, the more RAM you'll need. If you use your desktop for work in a home office and you often use several different types of programs simultaneously, including e-mail, Web surfing, word processing, spread sheets and software for presentations and illustrations, you desktop will probably require the upper end, maybe even as much as 1 GB of RAM. Serious gam...


The Benefits of Renting Computers

Computer rental is something that both businesses and individuals may decide is a good idea for them. This is because there are certain advantages of renting a computer over buying one. Perhaps it is difficult for an individual to see how renting a computer can be beneficial compared to buying one, but that is about to change. So what are the benefits of renting computers?- More individuals are able to have computers within their homes when they are renting. They may not be able to pay a lump sum for a computer, so they pay a small monthly amount instead. - Individuals unable to acquire financing will find that renting a computer works better for them. There are also rent to own options out there. They can rent it until they pay a certain amount. When that certain amount is reached, they then own the computer. - When renting, individuals are able to trade in for newer models. This means that they can upgrade every year or two if they wish. When renting, there is no such thing as having an obsolete machine. - ...


7 Steps To A Secure Wireless Network

Wireless networks, often abbreviated to "Wi-Fi", allow PCs, laptops and other devices to "talk" to each other using a short-range radio signal. However, to make a secure wireless network you will have to make some changes to the way it works once it's switched on. The signal of any short-range radio transmission can be picked up by any device in range that is tuned to the same frequency. This means that anyone with a wireless PC or laptop in range of your wireless network may be able to connect to it unless you take precautions. If this happens then your network and PC are vulnerable to any or all of the following: Freeloaders - Most wireless networks are used to share a broadband Internet connection. A "Freeloader" may connect to your network and use your broadband connection without your knowledge or permission. This could have an impact on your own use. You may notice your connection slows down as it shares the availability of the Internet with more users. Many home Internet services have limits to the ...


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